6 useful apps to save money while travelling

Travel / Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Travelling usually implies a lot of costs… and money is often a reason that prevents from travelling in our dream destination. Accommodation and transport are usually the most expensive costs of a travel. Well, do you know all of these apps, that help saving money when travelling? Here’s a list of apps that can lessen your expenses when travelling.

How to book a cheap accommodation 

Who doesn’t know Airbnb? Their slogan, “Belong anywhere”, clearly explains their concept: you can go wherever you want to and still feel at home. The perk of Airbnb is that you’re accommodated at people’s places, which may makes your stay cheaper than at an hostel. Usually, it is cheaper, but the best way to have the cheapest price is to book your stay months before your trip. Look for places that have different rooms, they usually offer a good price and your belongings are safe, because the hosts have to give you a key to lock your room.

Couchsurfing is actually the least expensive way to get a room because it is actually…free. Yes, you’ve read it right, free. This app enables you to get in touch with local people in order to get a free bed. This app is more focused on a cultural exchange, though. Usually, hosts spend time with the guests to go sightseeing the area, to introduce the guests to local food, to tell anecdotes about the areas… This is the best way to know the real life of local people in a country. Hosts are verified, but pay attention to where you’re going to and make sure to read the reviews, it’s always better to find hosts who already hosted guests. 

Save money on transports too!

Skyscanner must be the biggest flight search on the Internet, and may lead you to the cheapest flight you need. To benefit from the lowest price, make sure to use private browsing while doing the research. It is also believed that prices are low at nighttime, in the middle of the week. 

Hopper does not only compare flights, but also saves your itinerary to watch the prices and sends you an alert to let you know when is the best moment to book your flight at the lowest price. All you have to do is giving your departure and arrival locations, with desired dates and Hopper will take care of the rest!

Wanderu is an amazing app to compare bus and train travels. If you need to travel from a city to another one, Wanderu is the best app to use to know which company is the cheapest. Plus, no need to print your tickets, you usually have it on your phone and just show it to the driver! Easy.

Lyft is a large competitor to Uber. The idea is the same, your order your ride on your phone, and the driver takes you wherever you need to. Everything is the same, except that Lyft is cheaper than Uber!


I really hope these apps will help you save money while travelling! Do you know any other useful app for travelling? Let me know!

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