Create your own movie theater at home!


Are you having a day at home with your host kids because the weather is not your friend today? Do your kids need a moment to rest? Create your own movie theater and enjoy a cosy atmosphere with your host kids! Get the pop corn ready Why do the kids enjoy going to the movie […]


Lots of energy to burn off during a rainy day?


Cold and rainy days are officially here! If kids enjoy stay-at-home days, they will need to burn off the energy they have indoors! Going outside when it’s cold can be good for them, but finding an outdoor activity when the rain is pouring feels impossible. What indoor activity choosing for a rainy day? Turn the […]


How to deal with homesickness in 8 steps


You just hung up the phone with your family and you suddenly feel overwhelmed. Why are you here? At this moment, you wish you were at home, surrounded by your loved ones. You don’t feel very good and want to book a flight ticket to visit your family. This feeling is absolutely normal: it’s called […]


6 useful apps to save money while travelling


Travelling usually implies a lot of costs… and money is often a reason that prevents from travelling in our dream destination. Accommodation and transport are usually the most expensive costs of a travel. Well, do you know all of these apps, that help saving money when travelling? Here’s a list of apps that can lessen […]




New-York, the city where all your dreams come true! This city was number 1 on my bucket list, and I was not disappointed. There are so many things to see, so many stores to shop and so much food to try! When in NYC, you feel like you’ll never have enough time to do everything […]


Guess who?


Waiting at the bus stop, going to the grocery store, being in the car… Those situations may be boring for kids from time to time. Here’s an easy way to get them entertained whenever they need to! How to play Guess Who? All you need to have to play this game is your voice! This […]


Crepes: a quick and easy recipe!


I remember eating crepes very often during my childhood as well for snack as for dinner. Crepes are so delicious! The children will love it for sure. They will also love to help and cook it with you, it’s a great activity to do after school! What you need This is a french recipe for […]




Writing a first blog post is never easy, uh? But here I am: always challenging myself. When I decided to become an au pair in the USA, I did a lot of research on the Internet to know more about it. I found a lot of vlogs on Youtube and some other blogs about being […]