Create your own movie theater at home!

Activities / Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Are you having a day at home with your host kids because the weather is not your friend today? Do your kids need a moment to rest? Create your own movie theater and enjoy a cosy atmosphere with your host kids!

Get the pop corn ready

Why do the kids enjoy going to the movie theater the most? Because of the pop-corn, for sure! You can cook some pop-corn with them, it’s very easy and a fun activity for them, especially when the corn is popping out. Add some butter and sugar for a delicious taste. You can create your own pop-corn boxes, the kids will love it. I found a great template on this blog, but a lot more are available on the Internet! Print the wanted pattern and stick it to some red cardboard for a fancy box. The kids will be delighted!

Get the tickets ready

What do you need to enter the movie theater? A ticket! Making those will improve crafting skills. You can choose a vintage design or a more recent one. Here’s an example. Then, give one to each kid and just take it when they enter the movie room!

Turn the lights off, set up some cosy blankets and enjoy the movie!

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