Lots of energy to burn off during a rainy day?

Activities / Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Cold and rainy days are officially here! If kids enjoy stay-at-home days, they will need to burn off the energy they have indoors! Going outside when it’s cold can be good for them, but finding an outdoor activity when the rain is pouring feels impossible. What indoor activity choosing for a rainy day?

Turn the music on and dance!

Dancing is the perfect way to burn off energy indoors while having fun!

  • Dance party: choose a kind of songs with your host kids and turn the music on! If they have a favorite movie, why not playing the soundtracks of that movie? For example, I know my host kids have a lot of fun dancing to the music of the movie Sing.
  • Dance competition: let your kid be creative with a dance competition! Give them a theme, a song and and be the judge! Whoever has the best moves gets one point 🙂
  • Just Dance: do you have the Wii and the game Just Dance? This may be the best activity for the kids during a rainy day. When playing this game, they give everything they have to win. A great way to burn off energy! If you don’t have the Wii, great videos can be found on the Internet, just type ‘just dance video’ and you’ll find some great songs to dance to.

There’s always a way to burn off energy, even when the weather is not the best! Have fun dancing with your host kids!

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